NFI - Canada's National Forest Inventory

Canada's National Forest Inventory: Monitoring the Sustainability of Canada's Forests

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As a major forest nation, Canada must have reliable, current and consistent information on the extent and nature of its forests to enable the sustainable management of these resources. Authoritative information on forest change is also required to support the development of policy to address immediate needs as well as new and emerging issues, such as climate change impacts and possible adaptive strategies.

Canada's National Forest Inventory (NFI) monitors a network of sampling points covering one percent of Canada's land mass on an ongoing basis to provide accurate, timely and consistent information on the state and sustainable development of Canada's forests. This information is shared with collaborators and the public and is used to provide credible information to inform domestic forest policies and positions, and to support science initiatives, and regional, national and international reporting commitments.

The NFI is a product of a successful collaboration of provincial and territorial jurisdictions and the federal government. The program is coordinated by Natural Resources Canada (Canadian Forest Service), under the guidance of the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers (National Forest Inventory Task Force). Through the interagency arrangement, the provincial and territorial collaborators collect and provide data using jointly developed standards and procedures. The federal government provides the infrastructure to manage the data, and leads in the analysis of data and generation of reports.