The NFI is an ongoing forest measurement program. Repeated measurements are taken at a network of sampling points across Canada to provide accurate, timely and consistent information on the extent, composition and characteristics of Canada's forests and how they are changing over time. Photo plots 2 km x 2 km in size are located on the national 20 km x 20 km sampling grid, with reduced sampling in some northern ecozones. Detailed ground measurements are taken at a subset of the NFI photo plots.

The NFI is implemented by thirteen collaborating Federal, Provincial and Territorial governments from across Canada.

The NFI produces the data that are needed by Canada to report nationally and internationally on the state of Canada's forests, inform forest sector transformation and climate change adaptation decisions, and conduct national scientific research and policy activities.

The NFI provides a monitoring framework and basic data foundation that can be integrated with other, special-purpose forest monitoring and data collection activities. NFI data are made available to other government departments, universities, forest sector companies, non-government organizations and the public who put the data to a wide variety of uses.

NFI plots are measured on an ongoing basis. Thirteen government agencies are collaborating to conduct measurements at NFI plots across Canada. Plots are measured on a 10-year cycle, with approximately one-tenth of our plots measured each year.

We produce statistical summaries and other information products on a regular basis.

NFI information may be accessed in various ways from this website.

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