Provincial, territorial and federal government partners have a long history of collaboration on forest inventory matters. The Canadian Forest Inventory Committee (CFIC) started meeting forty years ago when Canada was adopting the metric system. Government officials at the time decided that the transition to metric would be easier to make by collectively figured out how to do it. Provincial, territorial and federal government forest inventory experts have been meeting regularly ever since to exchange knowledge, share experiences and accelerate the pace of innovation. This collaborative culture made it possible for 13 government agencies to join forces twenty years ago to design and build the National Forest Inventory (NFI).

NFI collaborators from 10 provinces, 2 territories and the federal government (Natural Resources Canada's Canadian Forest Service) continue to meet annually to:

  • review and approve plans for the design, development and implementation of the NFI;
  • observe, study and discuss the continued state, practice and research of forest inventory methods within jurisdictions, nationally, and internationally, towards a common standard for data collection, compilation, analysis, reporting and dissemination of information and knowledge;
  • identify research and development priorities for improved data collection, compilation, analysis and reporting;
  • promote standardization of measurement and terminology, to improve the quality and utility of forestry data;
  • promote liaison and dialogue with organizations engaged in the collection of forestry data for the purpose of improving the accuracy and efficiency of reporting forestry statistics; and
  • make information publicly available that provides a comprehensive and objective view of the issues and options faced by the forest sector


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